Our Purpose, Mission, Values

Our Purpose

Pro-Claim Calgary exists to help others in need by developing people, caring for the planet, building communities and restoring homes.

Our Mission

Pro-Claim Calgary helps to assist our customers recover from unexpected events in a quick manner, no matter the size of the job.

Customized Proactive Communication

We adapt our communication style to help meet the needs of others. We strive for proactive communications that meet the needs of our team, customers and vendors.

Put Relationships First

We connect with customers, suppliers and co-workers.  We dive deep to understand how and why people tick. We learn their expectations and create personalized “Wow!” experiences based on individual needs and preferences.

Sense of Urgency

We work with a sense of urgency.

Our Values

At the core of our business, these values are fundamental to who we are as people. 

Our People

At the heart of our company are our people: from our dedicated employees and valued clients to our trusted sub-trades. We foster a culture of respect, treating everyone as part of our extended family and nurturing our staff to develop long, fulfilling careers with us.

Our Planet

Our planet’s health is a collective responsibility, and we’re committed to reducing not just our carbon footprint but also the environmental impact of our clients through mindful practices. Let’s champion sustainability together, for the world we all call home.

Our Community

Building strong communities revolves around connecting with individuals who share our values and dedication to local prosperity. We prioritize partnerships with local suppliers and empower our team to support initiatives that resonate deeply, fostering a thriving environment for all.

Our Responsibility

Our commitment extends beyond just caring for people, the planet, and our community; it’s about excelling in what we do. Restoring properties to their former glory is our craft, and we strive to set the benchmark for excellence in every project we undertake.

Need help now?

If you’re in need of crime scene cleanup services, contact Pro-Claim Calgary for emergency cleaning and restoration services.