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We’re here to help you clean up from problematic pests. 

Pests can be a nuisance to your property. They cause havoc and are tough to get rid of if not dealt with correctly. Our team of experienced professionals will clean up the areas affected by pesky pests and help restore your home or business to its original condition quickly and safely.

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Call Pest Control

Pest control provides specialized services for the removal and relocation of mice and other rodents or pests.


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What to Expect From Pro-Claim Calgary Pest Clean Up 
Job done right.®

Our company philosophy is Job done right.® which means that our number one priority has always been quality. We never compromise on the workmanship owed to our clients or demanded by industry standards, and we’re proud of it!

Certified for Excellence

We’re IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified, ISO 9001:2015 and COR certified, so you can count on the highest quality standards in every job we do.  

Care for Our customers

Our team is standing by to care for your needs 24/7/365. Our goal is to return your property and life to normal as quickly as possible so that you can get on with living yours.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Pro-Claim Calgary remove pests?

Pro-Claim Calgary does not remove pests from your property, but we do help remediate your home so you can get back to your life. It is important to call a pest removal company to remove pests as they have the right tools and specialized relocation or removal processes. Once pests have been removed, Pro-Claim Calgary can help clean up rodent droppings, mouse urine or other excrements left from unwanted animals or insects in the involved areas.

What kinds of pests does Pro-Claim Calgary help clean up from?

Pro-Claim Calgary can support you with clean-up services for the mess caused by pigeons, bed bugs, insects, mice, and other rodents in the affected and surrounding area. 

I have bed bugs; how do I ensure they are gone?

Bed bugs are a significant problem. While a pest removal company can help spray for bed bugs, Pro-Claim Calgary will ensure a full cleanup by dealing with everything else involved in the infestation clean up such as bagging items like bedding, clothes, books and moving furniture away from walls.  

Does insurance cover the cleanup of pests?

Typically, insurance does not cover the cleanup of pests, but you should connect directly with your insurance provider for more information.

What chemicals are you using and are they safe for my family and pets?

We attempt to use environmentally preferred products whenever possible. The nature of the cleaning requirements dictates the products used. Our trained technicians can provide you with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any of our cleaning products or you can download them from our website.

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Certified & Caring

Pro-Claim Calgary is COR certified for safety and adheres to IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) emergency response guidelines, so you can count on the highest quality standards in every job we do.

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