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We’re here to help with crime scene cleaning services to ensure safe removal of biohazards and contaminated items.

When faced with an unfortunate situation like a death or a crime scene on your property, it’s normal to be worried about what happens next. Our technicians will assess your needs and take care of all aspects of the cleanup, so you don’t need to worry about what’s next.

What to do next.


Call the Police/Coroner

The police and coroner must release your property before remediation services can occur.


Call Pro-Claim Calgary at 403-234-7827

We provide immediate emergency response.


Call Your Insurance Company

You may need to open a claim with your insurance company.

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What To Expect From Pro-Claim Calgary Crime Scene Cleaning Services
Prompt Response

Pro-Claim Calgary provides prompt responses.

Help With Insurance & Administration

Pro-Claim Calgary creates an estimate for repairs and assists with insurance documentation if required.

Like New Restoration & Reconstruction

Pro-Claim Calgary begins repairs to remediate and restore your property and belongings to their original condition.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to call the police or coroner first?

For Pro-Claim Calgary to start cleaning up from a crime scene or traumatic event, we need to ensure that the police and coroner have released the location to the property owner and completed the investigation process.

What do Pro-Claim Calgary’s services entail?

Pro-Claim Calgary has an expert team that will deal with all biohazards, pathogens or bodily fluids like blood that can occur due to a traumatic event. This may be due to unattended deaths, biohazard events, trauma scene cleanups, violent crimes, and more. We can also help restore damages that have occurred to your property due to a loss of this nature.

Will insurance cover the cost of this?

Insurance coverage varies based on the event, but there may be coverage for a cleanup of this nature. Once you have started your claim and obtained a claim number, please provide us with this information so we can work with you and your provider to return your property to its original condition.

Why is it important to have professional crime scene cleanup crews?

Cleaning professionals need to assist in crime scene restoration as the severity of the damage can be very serious and, at times, harmful. Without proper cleaning, bacteria and infectious materials can grow in the property, leaving it uninhabitable. Don’t worry, Pro-Claim Calgary can help return your property back to its original condition. 

How much does crime scene cleaning cost?

At Pro-Claim Calgary, the minimum charge is $1000 for crime and trauma cleanups and pricing varies upward from there based on the severity of the event. 

Does Pro-Claim Calgary offer any other services?

Pro-Claim Calgary has a variety of services for you. These services include clean up for:

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Certified & Caring

Pro-Claim Calgary is COR certified for safety and adheres to IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) emergency response guidelines, so you can count on the highest quality standards in every job we do.

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