Disaster Response

Calgary’s Best Storm and Natural Disaster Restoration Service

We’re here to help you recover from storms, natural disasters, wind, lightning, and hail damage that have affected your property.

Whether your home or commercial property has been struck by a falling object such as a tree or damaged by severe hail and strong winds, Pro-Claim Calgary is ready to help. Our team of experienced professionals will assess damages and help restore your property to its original condition quickly.

What To Do First


Assess for Immediate Hazards

Scan your home for anything that poses an immediate threat.  


Call Pro-Claim Calgary 403-234-7827

We provide immediate emergency response.


Call Your Insurance Company

Open an insurance claim with your provider.

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What to Expect From Pro-Claim Calgary Storm Damage Clean Up
Immediate Emergency Response

Pro-Claim Calgary provides immediate emergency response to return your property to a safe condition.

Help With Insurance & Administration

Pro-Claim Calgary creates an estimate for repairs and assists with the claim process by providing any additional documentation required by your insurance adjuster.

Like New Restoration & Reconstruction

Pro-Claim Calgary begins repairs to remediate and restore your property and belongings to their original state.

Frequently Asked Questions
What will happen if I don’t remediate?

Failure to properly remediate an emergency situation can have serious effects, such as voiding your insurance coverage or allowing harmful microbial growth to begin. Failure to remediate in a timely fashion could increase future repair costs.

What if there is broken glass or windows?

As part of our disaster cleanup services, we will emergency board-up your windows, clean up glass and debris and assess for any other hazards.

I need to replace my roof or exterior, what kind of warranties does Pro-Claim Calgary offer?

Building codes change over time. Pro-Claim Calgary will ensure your roof and/or exterior will be brought up to current standard building codes that are designed to better weather storms. We also offer warranties on all exterior claims for five years on workmanship, inclusive of manufacturers’ conditional warranty on materials. Our roofers use a 6 nail install pattern with shingles (instead of the industry standard of 4) to provide exceptional wind/storm resistance.

How do I know the exterior work on my property will meet industry standards?

Pro-Claim Calgary uses certified and trained technicians for roofing and exterior work to ensure that your property is repaired promptly and to industry-approved or exceeded standards. Our partners include HAAG Certified Roofing inspectors, and we are registered and licensed with Service Alberta. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau.

Can I stay in the property?

Noise alone is generally not a factor that is considered in this determination. Usually, the main factors in determining liveability include health, safety or access to essential services such as heat, water, or washrooms and the general scope of involvement.

Can you work at night and on weekends?

Evening and weekend work is typically not available after the emergency phase is complete. We can provide lockboxes to make appropriate arrangements for our repair crews, if you are unavailable.

What can I do to make the repairs go faster?

To speed up repairs, you can:

  • Tell your insurance adjuster that you have chosen Pro-Claim Calgary for your repairs.
  • Sign and return your completed Authorization to Repair (ATR) form to Pro-Claim Calgary.
  • Make all material selections in a timely fashion.
  • Provide Pro-Claim Calgary access to your property.
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Certified & Caring

Pro-Claim Calgary is COR certified for safety and adheres to IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) emergency response guidelines, so you can count on the highest quality standards in every job we do.

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