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Calgary’s Best Water Damage Restoration Service 

Our team of experts will help you clean up any water damage on your property. 

Water and flooding can have devastating impacts on your property.  Contact us if you need emergency services to help remove moisture from your home. Our team of experienced professionals will assess the damages and help bring your home or property to its original condition quickly. Don’t worry, Pro-Claim Calgary is here to help!

What to Do Next


Stop the Source of Water

If possible, turn off the water source or call a plumber to repair the water intrusion.


Call Pro-Claim Calgary at 403-234-7827

We provide immediate emergency response. 


Call Your Insurance Company

Open a claim with your insurance provider to start the restoration process.

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What to Expect From Pro-Claim Calgary Water & Flooding Clean Up Services
Immediate Emergency Response

Pro-Claim Calgary’s restoration team provides immediate emergency response to return your property to a safe condition.

Help With Insurance and Administration

Pro-Claim Calgary creates an estimate for repairs and assists with the documentation required by your insurance adjuster.

Like New Restoration and Reconstruction

Pro-Claim Calgary begins repairs to clean and restore your property and belongings back to their original condition.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is all of this equipment for?

Our water extraction method involves the use of high-velocity air movers (fans) and dehumidifiers to create air movement and capture humidity to dry the structure. Air Filtration Devices (AFDs) — commonly referred to as “scrubbers” — are used to trap airborne particulate matter. They can also assist with odors, when equipped with a charcoal filter.

How long is this equipment going to be in my property?

Fans, dehumidifiers, and other drying equipment are placed in properties to reduce the moisture caused by water damage. Typically, it takes 2 to 7 days to dry a structure. During this time, equipment is monitored every 24 to 48 hours to determine if the structure is dry.

Will turning up the heat or opening the windows help to dry things out?

Pro-Claim Calgary uses the science of psychrometrics — psychrometry — to dry your property. We determine optimal temperature and airflow levels that will dry your home as quickly as possible. We always set up the optimal drying environment before we leave your property. We also monitor drying daily to ensure optimal airflow and temperature levels. Any changes to the drying environment, such as changing the temperature or opening windows, can prolong the drying process.

How do I know if my home is dry?

Our team uses the science of psychrometrics, called psychrometry, to determine if your home is dry. We use equipment such as moisture sensors and thermal hygrometers to measure temperature and relative humidity in your home. We also take readings on the various surfaces or “substrates” in your home to determine if they are dry. We record all of this information in your file and can provide it to you, or your insurer, with claims paperwork to document proper drying.

My walls/ceilings are wet — what needs to be done?

Pro-Claim Calgary will use tools and equipment like moisture meters and FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) cameras to check for hidden moisture in your home. Wet insulation can also be a hazard that may need to be removed. In cases where no insulation is present, baseboards may be removed and holes cut to force air inside drywall and ceiling cavities. In all cases, Pro-Claim Calgary technicians will work to minimize damage while safely and effectively drying your home or office.

My wood floors are wet and buckling — will they need to be replaced?

The decision to replace wood floors or restore them depends on many factors, including the contamination level of the water damage, the type of flooring, the underlayment, and the construction of the sub-floor. Pro-Claim Calgary uses specialized rescue drying systems to dry flooring without requiring removal — but sometimes removal is required. Laminate and engineered flooring often cannot be salvaged from water damage as it is made from paper and glue products vulnerable to mold caused by moisture.

My carpet got wet — will it have to be replaced?

Wet underpad is typically removed and discarded. Carpets and rugs are often able to be dried, cleaned and reinstalled effectively. Common factors that determine if carpet is NOT salvageable include permanent staining or discolouration that is a direct result of the loss, sewage contamination, or delamination (when the carpet backing separates from the carpet fibre).

Will my loss be covered by my insurance?

The only way to know if your loss is insured is to get an opinion from your insurance providers. Insured losses are typically deemed to be “sudden and accidental”. 

I cannot stay in my property during restoration — what should I expect?

In the event that you are displaced from your home due to the loss, your unit owner’s or tenant’s insurance policy may cover Additional Living Expenses (ALE). It is important to note that insurers do not typically consider noise from drying equipment as a trigger for Additional Living Expenses (ALE) coverage.

Will Pro-Claim Calgary store my contents?

Yes. We will track and store any salvageable items. And we can also restore those items that are salvageable. We will also make a list of items (including food items) deemed nonrestorable to provide to you and your insurance company.

How long will repairs take?

Typically the emergency stage ranges from 3 to 7 days, and the administration phase runs anywhere from 2 to 16 days. After those stages are complete, your reconstruction provider should give you an accurate time estimate. These time frames vary depending on each situation and can be extended in cases with a significant or catastrophic event.

Can you work at night and on weekends?

After the emergency phase is completed, evening and weekend work is generally not available due to its high cost. In order to remedy your property in a timely fashion, it is critical that you make appropriate access arrangements for our repair crews. Lockboxes are available to help facilitate this process.

What can I do to help make the repairs go faster?

To speed up repairs, you can:

  • Inform your insurance adjuster that you have chosen Pro-Claim Calgary for your repairs.
  • Sign and return your Authorization to Repair (ATR) form to Pro-Claim Calgary.
  • Complete material selections in a timely fashion.
  • Give Pro-Claim Calgary access to your home or property.
Can Pro-Claim Calgary accommodate changes to the scope of work?

When repairs arise, many property owners take the opportunity to make some colour, material, and design changes in their property. Pro-Claim Calgary is happy to accommodate change requests whenever needed. All of the new design changes must be reported to Pro-Claim Calgary in writing on a Pro-Claim Calgary change order form to ensure all instructions are adhered to. Ultimately, any cost increases are the owner’s responsibility.

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Certified & Caring

Pro-Claim Calgary is COR certified for safety and adheres to IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) emergency response guidelines, so you can count on the highest quality standards in every job we do.

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