Technology Highlight: Pro-Claim Calgary Uses DocuSketch To Provide A Better Restoration Experience

Technological advancements continue to change our everyday lives, and restoration is no exception. As a property owner or property manager, a sudden fire, flood or other disaster on your property can be very distressing. However, by using the latest technologies, restoration professionals can serve you better and return your property back to normal faster. Keep reading to learn more about how DocuSketch is transforming the restoration industry and how Pro-Claim Calgary uses DocuSketch to provide a better restoration experience. 

What is DocuSketch? 

DocuSketch has forever changed the restoration industry as we know it. This revolutionary technology has completely elevated how restoration professionals do their jobs. 

The app allows restoration professionals to create 3D documentation of a property at different stages of the restoration process that can be viewed by anyone involved in the project at any time. The 360° panoramic photos of the property give all stakeholders an immersive experience where they can view the property in its entirety. Based on the 360° images, DocuSketch also produces precise AI-generated digital floorplans that can be easily uploaded to claim processing or estimating software. 

How It Works 

As a property owner, you can request to receive an email link to access this documentation at any time. You now have access to a 360° view of your property to see the condition of any area or detail necessary. No software or downloading is needed, making it easier to keep up with your property’s restoration process. 

Why You Should Choose a Restoration Company that Uses DocuSketch

DocuSketch improves the restoration process for everyone involved in numerous ways. As a property owner, it is advantageous to work with a restoration company that communicates with you regularly and keeps you updated on project updates. DocuSketch saves time, provides higher accuracy, and helps you track progress, so you have peace of mind knowing your property is getting the attention it needs in a timely manner.   

Saves Time Making Claims Go Faster

DocuSketch reduces the time it takes to get repairs started because it speeds up the estimating timelines. For example, whereas it might take hours to manually draw and measure just one room, DocuSketch allows the same work to be completed within just twenty minutes so your restoration professionals can get to work repairing your home or office space faster. 

DocuSketch also saves travel time. Whereas before, an estimator would have to be present to assess the site, they can now do their job remotely. Anyone on site can capture the area and send the information. This can take days off a claim for individuals living in remote areas who need to wait for professionals to assess their properties before repairs can begin. With DocuSketch, the typical estimation timeline has now gone from over 15 days to under five days. 

This innovative technology allows restoration professionals to get the job done faster, speeding up the overall restoration process. As a property owner, this is welcoming news because it means that you or your tenants can move back into the home or resume work at an office faster. 

Higher Accuracy 

With DocuSketch, no detail goes undocumented. Every single detail is captured in the 360° panoramic images to provide full transparency for all stakeholders involved. 

Traditionally, it was almost impossible to capture all of the necessary information within the required time period, especially for large projects with hundreds of different rooms. Now, the panoramic images provide a reliable record that can be referenced at any point in the process, allowing clients to rest assured that no detail will be left unmanaged. The tool also allows restoration professionals to leave comments on the panoramic images to further capture any minor or concealed details that would need to be noted, such as appliance model numbers.

Additionally, once demolition occurs, there’s no way to go back in time and confirm all of the upgrades you’ve completed on your property. You can’t go back and measure how high the backsplash went up or what kind of finishes you had. With DocuSketch you can ensure that your property will be returned back to pre-loss condition with all of the upgrades you put into it so you can get the full value of your insurance claim. 

Track Progress

The Timeline Player is another powerful tool within the app because it allows all stakeholders to track the progress of the restoration project. For example, inspectors want to ensure certain things are completed, such as mould remediation. You won’t be left in the dark wondering what your property looks like or how much has been restored.  

The Timeline Player allows anyone to compare images from the first visit to the time of finished restoration, providing complete transparency for all stakeholders. Simply open the link and check up on the latest updates, new photos or comments. In addition, you can also look back and see how far the restoration project has come. 

Pro-Claim Calgary Uses DocuSketch to Improve the Restoration Experience

DocuSketch has revolutionized the restoration industry. Without the technology, manual work would take time away from beginning the restoration process, keeping you away from your home longer than necessary. 

At Pro-Claim Calgary, we are proud to be at the forefront of the restoration industry. We are committed to a Job done right® and doing everything we can to make the lives of our clients better—which includes using the most cutting-edge technology available. We are proud to use DocuSketch for our restoration projects, and we continue to look for new ways to better serve our clients in the future.

Published on May 5, 2022